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Partnership - Scout Drone USA

Scout Drone USA is a service-disabled veteran owned and minority owned drone service provider built on 40+ years of combined industry experience. Based in Southern California, Scout Drone USA specializes in aerial surveying, mapping, photography, and progress tracking using remote sensing technology for construction projects.

Together we will create an efficient work flow, cutting out time consuming survey processes, lowering liability risks, and collecting informative data for our clients without ever interrupting the project site.

Ask us how drone technology can benefit your next project!

With the drone technology and expertise that Scout Drone USA provides, we can now track the progress of construction project sites using high definition aerial photos and videos shot by drones, keeping our client and team up to date and informed.

Advanced data like digital elevation models, 3D models, and thermal images allow us to take swift measurements and make accurate assessments, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional survey and inspection methods.


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