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About Herns Construction Inc.

Structural Concrete and High-end Commercial Construction

Welcome to Herns Construction Inc., your premier choice for commercial and concrete construction services in the vibrant City of Los Angeles. With over 30 years of dedicated experience, we proudly stand as a leading commercial contractor, specializing in:

    Our commitment to excellence is evident in our certifications from the City of Los Angeles, including ...

    • (MBE) Minority-Owned
    • (LBE) Local Business Enterprise
    • (SLB) Small Local Business Enterprise
    • (EBE) Emerging Business Enterprise
    • (SBE) Proprietary Small Business Enterprise
    • (SBE) Small Business Enterprise
    • (VSBE) Very Small Business Enterprise

    These certifications showcase our dedication to diversity, local engagement, and support for emerging businesses within the Los Angeles community.

    At Herns Construction Inc., We Excel in Project Management

    ... ensuring meticulous planning, execution, and completion of every construction project to the highest standards. Whether it's building construction for commercial purposes, structural concrete work, or earthwork, our skilled team combines industry expertise with an in-depth knowledge of local codes, delivering projects that not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements.

    Our commitment to compliance goes beyond construction; we understand the intricacies of navigating codes and regulations, ensuring seamless execution while remaining compliant with all applicable standards. This dedication is reinforced by our City of Los Angeles certifications, highlighting our proactive approach to surpassing industry expectations.

    Choose Herns Construction Inc. for Your Commercial and Concrete Construction Meeds

    Discover the difference that over three decades of unwavering dedication and expertise can make. We don't just build structures; we forge lasting relationships and contribute to the growth and success of the City of Los Angeles.

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