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Enhancing the Quality of Concrete Structures in Los Angeles

Over nearly three decades, Herns Construction Inc. has amassed a wealth of experience constructing diverse structures that demand various forms of concrete. When it comes to structural concrete, our team possesses exceptional expertise in tailoring shear walls, retaining walls, and decks to reinforce other edifices. Once we secure a project bid in California, we embark on an exhaustive assessment encompassing soil conditions, architectural dimensions, distinctive features, and potential enhancements for enhanced longevity.

Our Company Specializes in Building Curbsides, Sidewalks as well as a Wide Array of Gutters with Remarkable Proficiency

We possess the capability to fabricate concrete surfaces adjacent to expansive driveways while skillfully customizing aesthetically pleasing curbs that beautifully complement neighborhoods and neighboring residences alike. In crafting sidewalks and curbsides specifically tailored to your needs; rest assured you will receive top-notch quality cement designed meticulously to prevent any unsightly cracks from emerging or compromising its integrity effectively.

Customizing Site Work and Optimizing the Satisfaction of Each Customer

Once our business accepts a project that involves site work, Herns Construction Inc. can develop custom structures that consist of concrete, and the formations could feature unique designs, accents that may increase each structure's worth and high-quality concrete that could withstand excessive moisture.

If you would like to beautify your yard, our experienced landscapers can trim large shrubs, add numerous types of flowers, manage the lawn, install many decorations, and recommend numerous designs.

When you want to learn more information about our services, you may read a description of our business, examine the benefits of our site work, evaluate numerous types of structural concrete, and schedule a consultation.

Once you are ready to obtain a new estimate, you should call us, and a helpful representative can answer your questions and describe the experiences of other customers.

Our Serviced Areas

Los Angeles County:

  • Los Angeles
  • Long Beach
  • Panorama City
  • Glendale
  • Pasadena

Orange County:

  • Anaheim
  • Garden Grove
  • Santa Ana
  • Orange
  • Newport Beach
  • Fullerton
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